Spa is a beautiful therapy. Couple spa doubly so. It’s an experience every couple should have at least once. I have tried it on birthdays, anniversaries and hey even on the days we fought. It works every time :).

Couple Spa with a bath or Jacuzzi adds some more romance to the therapy. Here are a few good Couple Spas with Jacuzzi you can find in Mumbai.

Jiva Spas by Taj

Most Jiva Spas have a couple therapy with pool or Jacuzzi included. Call the one close to you and book an appointment.

Myrah Spa

Myrah Spa has some great couple therapies with baths. And much more affordable.

Quan Spa

A sweet and savoury body scrub. Followed by a Pebble Lagoon Water Bath or a precious milk bath and then a relaxing couple massage. Have a look at Quan Spa at JW Marriott Juhu or Renaissance Powai for an ultimate couple therapy.

Rewa Spa

Regarded as one of the most affordable luxurious spa, they don’t shy away from a great couple spa as well. Rewa Spa Couple Treatment includes a bath and a spa.

Fifth Element Spa

A small place in suburbs of Kandivali, The Fifth Element Spa has some great treatments including Hammam. The couple spa room here has a Jacuzzi and an option to go for steam and shower as well.

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