We are all used to earning points for flying and for hotel stays. Well, why not for your lunches and dinner as well. In fact, it makes sense because you are likely to eat out far more number of times than stay or fly. And as like any other loyalty program, a restaurant loyalty program also works better if you eat more at the same restaurants or from the same group.

Here’s a list of some Restaurant Loyalty Programs in India. In case you know of any that we have missed, let us know in the comments section.

Zomato Gold and Zomato Treats

These are actually two different programs. Zomato Gold is for dine-in. No delivery or take away allowed (not even your leftover food, btw that’s a criminal wastage of food). What you get is 1+1 free on food or 2+2 on drinks at participating outlets. It costs around Rs.1300 per year. Totally worth it even if you dine out once a month. Use code ‘TURNTO’ at checkout to get one month extra.

Zomato Treats, on the other hand, is a program for home deliveries. You pay Rs.249 per year and get a complimentary dessert or beverage at participating restaurants. You earn back the fee in probably 2 orders.

Five Star Hotels Dining Programs

Most five star hotels in India have there own dining program where you can easily save upto 50% on every dinner. Here is a list of Dining Membership Programs for Hotels in India. Although they charge a fee, you get enough benefits, gift certificates and complimentary services to compensate for the same.

Dineout Plus

Dineout Plus is an interesting loyalty program. They have tied up with several fine dining restaurants and offer 25% discount on most of them. Annual fee of Rs.5000 is a little steep, but it may work for some. You need to make reservations via their app to get these discounts though. Download the app to know more.

Eazy Diner

Eazy Diner is another app for hotel reservations. But what makes it different and useful are 2 unique features: 1. Great Offers. They have 50% offers on lots of restaurants. and 2. Earn JP Miles on every meal. Just update your JetPrivilege number in your account. And if you use a miles earning credit card, then that’s a lot of savings on every meal.

Your Credit Card Dining Program

Most banks have their own sort of restaurant loyalty program. Banks tie-up with certain restaurants and when you pay through that bank’s debit or credit card, you get extra discount or extra points or both. The discount is generally between 15-20%. Check your bank’s website to know more.

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