Anyone can get free tickets by opting for one of the several miles-earning credit cards available in India. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. If you don’t believe me, look at the amount you have spend in past few months and the measly reward points/miles balance against it. And what’s worse?

There are ample opportunities to get free miles every day that you are most likely not paying attention to.

Fortunately, there are ways to maximize your free flight earnings. And they are not that difficult. Let’s start.

Faster Jet Airways Free Flights

Jet Airways has a pretty evolved privilege program. And an endless list of partners. What more do we want.

Start with the best Jet Airways Credit Card

Yes, you have to get a credit card. But choose the one that gives maximum miles per Rs.100 spent. Jet HDFC Diners and ICICI Sapphiro AMEX are amongst the highest miles paying credit cards in India. Both pay 5% or more. HDFC one being very generous with bonus JP Miles as well. 30,000 JP Miles for joining.

Top it up with a debit card

You might not use a debit card at all or might use is sparingly. But 2000 JP Miles for Rs.500 every year? Just take it. HDFC Jet Airways Debit Card is the only option here.

Stop using Flipkart, FirstCry and BigBasket App or Site

Instead move all your shopping to JetPrivilege Shop. You earn good JP Miles for shopping on FlipKart, FirstCry, BigBasket, Urban Ladder, Ferns and Petals and a few more through Jet Privilege Shop. Yes, JP Miles to buy potatoes on Big Basket as well. Don’t forget to use your Jet Airways Credit Card to earn more miles for shopping. Miles to shop and to use your card. Now we are talking.

Transfer at the right time

If you transfer your points from other credit cards to Jet Airways JP Miles, wait for the right time. Every few months Jet Airways has an offer that gives you 30% bonus JP Miles to transfer within those dates.

Book only on JetAirways site or App

Why? Because…

  1. All Jet Cards give 2x-3x bonus miles for using the card on JetAirways site or app.
  2. You get 250 bonus JP Miles to book directly with them.
  3. Plus no ‘extra’ cancellation fee that online aggregators charge.

Booking Hotels? Get more JP Miles

Book your hotel on JetAirways to earn JP Miles for your hotel booking. Use your Jet credit card for even more miles. Not recommended for hotels that you are an elite member of. Booking direct might give you more benefits.

You can also earn JP Miles to dine at your regular restaurant.

All this might sound a little daunting, but it’s pretty simple once you get to it. And if you are not doing it, you are just throwing away all those free miles up for grab.

Faster Vistara Free Flights

Get a Vistara Credit Card

Vistara Credit Cards are a little different than Jet’s. And, if I may say, much better. Provided you have Vistara flights on your frequent route. How are they better? You not only get miles on using the card like Jet Cards, you also get three extra benefits with Vistara Credit Cards:

  1. Free Silver or Gold membership of Vistara. With all bells and whistles. Priority check-in, upgrade vouchers, lounge access etc. etc.
  2. Apart from miles, you also get free flights for every x amount spend. More below.
  3. You earn more miles on flying Vistara. Thanks to bundled silver/gold membership.

There are two Vistara Cards worth considering.

Vistara Signature Credit Card
  • 4 miles for every Rs. 200 spent.
  • 1 free Premium Economy Ticket for joining.
  • 1 free Premium Economy ticket for every 1.5 lakh spent on the card. (upto 3)
  • Club Vistara Silver Membership
Vistara Infinite Credit Card
  • 5 miles for every Rs. 200 spent.
  • 1 free Business Class Ticket for joining.
  • 1 free Business Class ticket for every 2.5 lakh spent on the card. (upto 3)
  • Club Vistara Gold Membership

Even though miles earning on Vistara cards might sound less, Vistara Miles are worth more than Jet miles. i.e. Same route flight for less miles. e.g. Mumbai-Delhi award ticket comes for 8500 Jet Miles but only 5000 Vistara Miles.

Book and Check-in on Vistara Site or App.

Buying your tickets directly on or through their app gets you 100 bonus Vistara Miles. Same for check-in. So 200 Vistara miles for free every time you fly Vistara.

Book your hotel through Vistara

Just like Jet Airways, even Vistara has a tie-up with for hotels. Head to to earn bonus Vistara Miles for booking hotels.

Faster Fastest Free Flights with any Airlines

HDFC has got probably the best credit cards for free flights. Their Diners Club Card range. I will just leave you with these 2 images. Rest you decide.

fastest free flights credit card

indigo spicejet free flights offer

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    You get 8 miles per 100 if you purchase on bigbasket using JP website. Do you also get 10X point on HDFC diners card if you make payment using this card on JetPrivilege/Big Basket Site.


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