Even though the concept of a burner phone doesn’t exist here, it’s still pretty easy to get a temporary mobile number in India for a few days and throw it once you are done.

Note: There are only two mobile operators in India that offer pan India 4G LTE services – Jio and Airtel.

Option 1: For data and occasional calls and texts.

Head straight to a Jio store and get a prepaid JioFi. JioFi is a hotspot that not only lets you surf Internet on all your devices, it also lets you make calls and texts through JioVoice App (Android Only). Connect your phone to JioFi, install the App and make calls, texts and surf Internet.

The cost of JioFi is INR 1999. (less than 32 USD). Carry two photographs and a copy of your passport (along with the original to verify).

All calls and texts on Jio are free. You only pay for data.

Option 2: SIM Card for an existing phone.

Best option is to get an Airtel Prepaid SIM card. Airtel is more likely to support your existing phone as Jio is VoLTE only.

Option 3: Get a temporary phone and a SIM Card.

Jio LYF phones are as close as it gets to use-and-throw or burner phones in India. You can get a spare phone and a month’s data and calls for INR 5000 (approx 70 USD).

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