Wondering if Roku Player works in India? Short answer in Yes, but there’s a catch. It depends on what you want to watch.

To try Roku in India, I ordered the cheap Roku Express from Amazon USA. Surprisingly, it was cheaper than one available in India even after international shipping and custom duty.

Option 1: Plug and Play

You can just plug and play the Roku as it is and it works. But the number of channels are far les because your account would be marked as India account and all US channels would disappear. Netflix, YouTube, Roku Media Player etc were there. If you want more channels, see Option 2 below.

Option 2: Hardwork and Play

To install other channels, you need to register your Roku account using a VPN. Even a free one like Opera VPN for mobiles would do. Once you are connnected to USA VPN, go to roku.com and create an account and link yourroku to that account. You will have access to all channels.

(New)Option 3: Get Amazon Fire TV instead

Amazon Fire TV Stick is now available in India. Even though it’s a little expensive but it lets you play Amazon Prime on TV. At 500 per year, Amazon prime easily makes up for that extra cost. And since it’s officially available in India, it just works.

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