Hotel rates change every day. Every hotel seems to have more rates than rooms in their hotel. And we, the discount seekers, are left with only confusion. And worse, a feeling of not having booked the best rate.

Well, there is no magic wand to solve this issue. However, my short 15 years hotel booking experience has taught me a few things. One of them is to check all of the following sites for best hotel discounts before I book. There is another important thing I have learnt. That’s just after the list of best hotel discount sites.

1. Trivago Price Comparison: This one is my favourite. It compares hotel discounts across all popular online travel aggregators. And displays the best available deal. As simple as that.

2. Expedia Member Pricing: Good old Expedia has some exclusive offers at times, mostly for members. That trivago and other comparison sites might miss. No harm in checking once.

3. Hotel’s Own Website: Sometimes the best prices are on hotel’s own websites. Most popular chains even offer Best Rate Guarantee. Mostly this is good only for big hotel chains. Smaller and independent hotels are better booked through other sites.

4. Yatra Bank and Credit Card Offers: Extra discount for using your bank credit card. I will take it. Other similar page to check is MakeMyTrip offers.

5. Goibibo App: Goibibo discounts work in a different way. You get free GoCash for signup, referring people and every hotel booking. And you can use that GoCash to make a part payment. Generally, I find this to be the cheapest option because GoCash is free. You can download the Goibibo app here and you can use the code ‘DASMEET’ to get Rs.3000 GoCash to start with.

When hotel discounts are not important.

This is one another thing I have learnt. If you are traveling for some occassion or with someone special, it might be better to pay a little extra and book direct. Especially for hotel chains where you can earn points and status. Hotels LOVE direct guests. And it shows in the way they treat you.

Most upgrades, best rooms and services are offered to guests who book direct.

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