Probably no one cross-sells as aggressively as HDFC Bank. From their loans to insurance to forex cards to mutual funds, they want to sell everything to every customer of theirs. This is mostly a pain, but when it comes to credit cards, it’s actually a boon.

HDFC offers lots of credit cards to their salary account holders, free for lifetime. And these cards are premium cards – not those useless regular free cards.

Start with finding HDFC credit card offers for your salary account?

This is the easiest way to get a HDFC credit card. Login to HDFC Netbanking and go to Offers section on top right (in the menu bar). Scroll the list and see if you have any pre-approved offer. If not, then you will have to directly apply for it online. Don’t forget to enter your salary account details in the form.

Which HDFC Card to take?

Diners Club Credit Cards

If you have a Visa or Master Credit Card from some other bank, then HDFC Diners Club credit cards are pretty great. There are 3 variants. Choose one basis your eligibility. What makes these cards an absolute must have is this exclusive 10x reward program.

HDFC Regalia Credit Cards

Another great credit card with two unique benefits – Complimentary Airport Lounge Access through Priority Pass Membership and Complimentary Club Vistara Silver membership. And if you get this for Life Time Free, it’s a superb deal.

HDFC Jet Airways Credit Cards

There was a time when Jet Airways Credit Cards were the best. But that time is long gone. One of the major attraction of these cards is one free ticket every year. But now, it seems these tickets have been put into some special category and are almost never available for booking. Even 6 to 8 months in advance. Hence, only if you need a lot of JP Miles, go for Jet Airways Credit Cards else Vistara Credit Cards are much better.

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