Best Credit Cards in India for International Shopping

You know who else loves International Travel as much as you do? Your credit card issuing bank. Apart from the regular fee they earn from merchants, you are also charged a pretty hefty forex fee, plus GST of course. However, it’s not all bad out there. If you know where to look. There are some […]

Best HDFC Credit Cards for Salary Account Holders

Probably no one cross-sells as aggressively as HDFC Bank. From their loans to insurance to forex cards to mutual funds, they want to sell everything to every customer of theirs. This is mostly a pain, but when it comes to credit cards, it’s actually a boon. HDFC offers lots of credit cards to their salary […]

Axis Bank Credit Card not showing in the app? Here’s the fix.

Recently got a shiny new Axis Bank Credit Card for Vistara. But it just refused to show up in my Axis Bank App. After several mails and research, I was able to finally figure out a solution. It should be good for any Axis Bank Credit Card that doesn’t show up in your Axis Bank […]

Using ‘Credit Card Hold’ for booking a hotel

“Credit card holds accepted.” Almost every hotel website displays this under their price and reservation section. But what does that exactly means? Read on… What is a credit card hold? Booking a room using debit or credit card hold simply means that you provide your card details to the hotel and they reserve a room […]