Few hours in Amsterdam – Best things to do.

In Amsterdam for just a few hours? That’s pretty unfair. Amsterdam deserves a few days at least. However, even if it is a few hours, you can make the most of it.

Since you have only a few hours or even one full day to spend in Amsterdam, you would probably be better off picking one particular sightseeing spot. This is due to the fact that Amsterdam is a huge city with a lot of fascinating things to see but you simply won’t get the chance to do all that in one day. So, instead of just catching a glimpse of a few things, why not take an in-depth look at one particular locale.

The city of Amsterdam

To begin with, just a little about the city. Might help in enjoying the city more 🙂

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. It has a population of roughly about 2.5 million. Amsterdam is divided into three areas – city center, urban area and metropolitan area. Interestingly enough, the city gets its name from the river Amstel that passes right through it.


As far as the history goes, Amsterdam used to be a small fishing village back in the 12th century and it slowly became one amongst the ports that were of greatest importance to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is the commercial capital of the Netherlands and it is there where most of the business relationships take place.

Where to go?


Canal Cruise

A boat trip on the canals of Amsterdam is probably the best way to see Amsterdam in a few hours. There are canal cruises that last from 60 minutes to 2 hours or more. You can check the list of some canal cruises in Amsterdam that can be completed in a few hours.

Alternatively, you can spend your time on the famous Amsterdam canal ring. Being an old fishing village and an important port, Amsterdam’s canal ring definitely deserves some attention. You can directly take a short trip with a boat. If you don’t feel like it you can always walk or even rent a bicycle in order to cover larger area.

Museumplein or Museum Square

Museums can be a good idea to spend a few hours in Amsterdam. Fortunately, the most impressive museums in the city are located on the Museumplein. It is on the southwestern side of the Rijksmuseum. You are going to be able to take a look at the history of the Kingdom. The square used to be grounds for the World’s fair up until the 19th century. However, the square that you are going to see today was remodeled and it was presented to the tourists back in 1999.


Anne Frank’s house

Anne Frank’s house is definitely amongst the top locations in Amsterdam for tourists to visit. It is the house that she wrote her famous diary in. It is really interesting to see the tight corridors that two families had spent two years within.

Other things to consider

If you still have time or don't find anything above interesting, check out local tours of Amsterdam.

Enjoy your day in Amsterdam, and come back soon for more!
Happy Journey 🙂

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