First Trip to Hyderabad

Well rooted in its culture, Hyderabad is a place which has its own share of stories and history. Hyderabad like any other city has a whole range of places to eat, and chill around. But if you really want to soak up the culture, here are a few places you should visit:

Chowmahallah Palace

This is a pristine white palace which takes you back to a bygone age. Here you can witness the grand royalty of the Nizams of Hyderabad- their durbars, their rugs and their fantastic old (or should I say “vintage”) cars. The Chowmahallah Palace will truly give you a tour of the Nizam rule history of Hyderabad. It has been very well maintained and gives you a great feeling of peace.

Char Minar and Laad Bazar

Located in the heart of Hyderabad is the Chaar Minaar- which is surrounded by Laad Bazaar. The Char Minar is literally a structure with four domineering towers. Incidentally, it is possible to climb up these towers and have a look around inside the Char Minar. From the Char Minar, what you see is an enchanting sight of the busy Old Hyderabad crowd. Around the Char Minar, is the Laad Bazaar. This is of special interest to the ladies- here’s where they make all kinds of bangles. You name the color and type, you can find it in the Laad Bazaar.

Ramoji Film City

A little ways off from the city, is the epic Ramoji Film City. You can see sets which have been erected and may get a chance to watch a shoot in progress. You’ll have the pleasure of being guided by the people who know everything about every film ever made. Ramoji Film City also has a few “rides”- although these would be best enjoyed by children. The environment is picturesque to say the least. Ramoji is definitely worth a visit. Be sure to dedicate a day to this trip.

Golkonda Fort

Calling it a fort is underestimating its sprawling size. Situated a little away from the city, Golkonda Fort provides a great opportunity for the shutterbugs to test out their skills. A takes a while to explore all there is at this fort. But as a ruin, its definitely an attraction.

Salar Jung Museum

An art lover will understand and appreciate the true magnitude of this museum. Containing art which has been painstakingly collected over the years, the Salar Jung is something of a celebrity when it comes to the art museums in India.

The Hussain Sagar Lake and the Falaknuma Palace are also major attractions in Hyderabad. After all every city has its malls and nightclubs, what really counts is where it came from.

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