Where to have lunch with beer in Colaba, Mumbai?

Just at the beginning of the shopping strip at Colaba, is where the quaint café is located. Café Mondegar is the best place to lie back and relax on a hot afternoon with a pint of beer and some sizzling sausages. As anyone who actually visits Café Mondegar will discover- it’s all about the ambience and the people.

Mondegar has been a favourite tourist destination for many years. It regularly attracts a lot of people with green hair and multiple piercings, who would be seated next to a regular Bombayite family. Mondegar’s has a great bar, and a lot of cabinets where they show off their completely awesome merchandise.

What works as one of the main attractions at Mondegar’s is the Jukebox. You can choose to play any song of your choice from this legendary Jukebox for a nominal price. The place is filled with a lot of chatter, beer and warmth. Mondegar’s is exceptionally cramped as a restaurant and you will often be able to see and hear everything that is going on at the table next to yours. But nobody really minds. The walls are covered with enormous, yet intricate and thoughtful doodles- which immediately lend charm and excitement to Mondegars.

Start off with a plate of cheese balls and some grilled chicken sausages with the first of your beers. Although Mondegars does in fact make Indian as well as Chinese cuisines, this place has reached its fame for the Continental choices that it provides. For vegetarians a Pasta Arabiata- I am told is quite delicious. If Italian is what you are leaning towards, a Pasta Bolognese is also a great option. But if you have decided to loosen your belt and really enjoy yourself their Roast Chicken or their All American Mixed Grill is a good option- with beer keeping you company of course.

Most people flock to Mondegar for the experience and the feeling that it creates around you. Great food, good music and beer is perfect recipe for an afternoon well spent. Be warned, if shopping is on the cards, it would be best to get it over with before you enter Mondegar.

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