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Flying is no rocket science! Millions of passengers flying daily globally is a proof substantial enough. However, some basic planning can help you save a lot of trouble on your first flight. Here are some tips to make your first air journey comfortable and hassle-free.

1. Book your flight tickets on a reliable airline. If reaching on time is critical, avoid budget airlines. Check travel portals and airlines website for special fares or discounts. Check your flight tickets to ensure that you have a confirmed booking. Many airlines offer discounts and extra miles for booking directly from their website. You won’t want your first flight journey to be an expensive one!

2. All airlines offer a loyalty program. Joining loyalty programs is mostly free and can be done online. Register for these programs for every airline you fly and collect miles on every flight you take. You won’t even realize when you have enough miles to claim a free ticket.

3. Find out details regarding permissible baggage size and weight. Generally it would be printed somewhere on your flight ticket. Label all bags with your name, address, phone number, date of travel, and flight number. Pack the bags yourself and ensure that they are all locked safely. Make an extra set of keys.

4. While flying you check-in most of your luggage with the airlines and collect it at the destination airport. However, you are also allowed to carry one hand bag with you. You should always pack documents, passport, medicines, and other immediate essentials in the carry on luggage or bag. In case your check-in luggage gets lost or misplaced in transit you will still have bare essentials. Missing baggage is not uncommon. Though you might get your missing baggage, it might take a couple of days for it to be delivered to you.

5. Religiously follow all security rules. Airport is one place where all rules are strictly enforced. Do not carry electronics, knives, batteries, or other banned items in your hand baggage. All dangerous objects like razors, scissors, and so on must be put in your check in luggage. Confirm with airlines well in advance.

6. Keep all electronic items like cell phones, iPods, laptops etc fully charged as you may be asked to switch them on and show during security check.

7. Take along a valid photo ID to the airport. Most airports don’t allow you in without a valid Government approved photo ID. Although you can get a print of your e-tickets from the airport itself, it’s better to carry tickets with you.

8. Always check the flight schedule before you leave your house. Be sure about the check-in time for your flight. Leave with plenty of time to spare. This way you won’t have to rush around. To find your flight status, just enter your flight number in Google and hit search.

9. It is against regulations for passengers to carry inflammables, aerosols, or household cleaners. Other prohibited items are: firearms even if you have a license, hunting rifles, baseball bats, golf clubs, pool cues, ski equipment, hockey sticks, darts, as well as bows and arrows. Because of terrorist threats it is against the law to speak of hijackings, bomb threats, or other dangerous things.

10. Be cautious about who you befriend. Remember, looks can be deceptive. Never accept any letter or parcel to be delivered to persons known or unknown. Never leave your luggage unattended and if you do notice any abandoned parcel or luggage bring it to the notice of authorities.

11. Be aware of what the weather conditions are like where you going and take clothes accordingly. Prepare well for your flight and enjoy it.

12. To avoid inconvenience, always book a reputed hotel when traveling abroad and email them a few days in advance, requesting airport pickup. Many hotels not only provide cheap airport pickups, some also give it complimentary. Use a hotel comparison tool like to find good hotels and compare prices for hotels in your destination city.

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  1. Hi Very well explained. Thanks a lot for the effort and info. I will go in July and was looking for some good info. Let me know if there are any updates these days. Kudos to you 🙂

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