1. Indians love to eat. 2. India is not an expensive country. 3. India is a diverse, crazy diverse, country. These 3 things work brilliantly in our favour when it comes to food. You can find endless cafes, restaurants, street food, bakeries, dhabas in every city, town or village (mostly) of the country. And if you end up in a village with no eatery, just ask around and you might get to try the best home made food ever.

Now, the big question – What Food to pack to travel to India? If you are a foodie and don’t mind trying new things, then pack nothing. You can eat for pretty interesting food for pretty cheap in India.

However, if you have any special food requirement, you should pack them. If you are allergic to certain food, if you need gluten free (not so easy to find in India except a few big expensive hotels), anything medicinal, baby food or the candies you can’t live without. You should also pack your medicines for the entire trip if you are on a medication.

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  1. It’s much preferred to order food in train. With so many options now available to order, why shouldn’t one enjoy the journey rather than carrying the food basket along.

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