It’s pretty cheap and easy to get a local sim card wherever you travel nowadays. But a network everywhere? Not so easy. That’s why you need offline apps (and a power bank maybe ๐Ÿ˜› )

Here are our best offline travel apps for iPhone.

Google Maps

Google Maps offline is second most important thing to carry after your tickets and passport. Download offline areas for every city, station, airport you are going to on your trip. And do it before you leave home. Second thing you must must must do is mark all hotels and apartments you are staying in.

Google Trips

Google Trips is like your city guide that’s also available offline. Even though it’s new it looks promising. Auto-retrieval of all your tickets from Gmail is a super useful bonus.


This magical app prevents your trip from spoiling your friendship :P. How? By making it easy and unembarrassing to split costs. Whether it’s a long vacation or a short weekend trip. Works offline too. Syncs when you connect.

Rick Steves Audio Guides

The only reason you should have earphones in your bag for a trip to Europe should be for this app. These are the most awesome and widely popular step by step (literally) audio guides for most European cities.
Also comes with handy PDF guides.


Stay in touch with news offline with this beautiful, intuitive and brilliantly simple RSS reader.

Lonely Planet Destination Guides

Guides by Lonely Planet are packed with Offline Maps, Phrasebooks, Currency Converter and advice from on-the-ground experts. It’s the ultimate local friend before and during a trip.


It’s an app with a simple purpose. Organize your bookings. Forward travel confirmation emails to [email protected] and TripIt will create a master itinerary for each of your trips. And then you can access your bookings anytime, anywhere, offline and free.

XE Currency Converter

This free Currency Converter App stores the last updated exchange rates so it works even when the internet doesnโ€™t.

Google Keep

Plain notes, photo note or lists. Synced offline across devices. best part. You can share selected notes with your co-travellers.


Another travel guide that works offline. This one also delivers unique recommendations across 50,000 destinations worldwide! You can even book sights, activities and restaurants (not offline though ๐Ÿ˜› ).

Google Translate

Next best thing to join foreign language classes 3 months before your trip. Includes awesome instant camera translation.

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