Asia is a little different from other parts of the world. With several developing nations and high population density, Asia works unlike other continents. When you are packing your bag for Asia, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Unplanned Trips

Unplanned trips mean you will spend more time on road with your luggage. However, roads are not always even in Asia. There are potholes, unpaved roads and under-construction roads even in major metro cities. It might not be easy to move around with a trolley bag. So, if you are going on an unplanned trip, and have no problem carrying a backpack, you know what to do.

Organised Trips

Flights. Check. Cab at the airport. Check. Hotel with early check-in. Check. Locker room. Check. You get the drift. If your trip is so well planned, go ahead and carry your trolley luggage. Only place you need to worry is at the airports. And trolley bags are made for airports. You don’t have to carry around those rucksacks.

Happy Journey to Asia 🙂

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