Families love gifts. And if you are coming from India, all the more. After all, India is like several nations in one and is known for so many things. And your baggage allowance? Doesn’t matter. You are family.

Well, let me try to help you a bit on what all you can take from this lovely country.

Tea, Coffee and Spices

There is an infinite variety of Tea, Coffee and Spices available in India. That also means you have to find what you like. This can help.


India is a land of Gods. So you really can’t come to India and leave without a bit of God in you. So you are sorted. But what about the family in USA. You can carry these awesome idols. Everyone loves them.

Indian Folk Art

Madhubani painting, Bihar

From Madhubani Paintings of Bihar to Warli Art of Maharashtra, Indian folk arts make for a great gift. Plus they are not expensive at all and you help some local artists earn a living. Win win win.

Chanderi Saree

Chanderi Sarees are no ordinary sarees. Each Chanderi Saree is painstakingly made over weeks, at times months, by a family working in shifts. That’s the time and hard work it takes to make just one saree. It’s a brilliant gift for anyone who appreciates art. Beware of fakes though. Find a reputed brand store to pick one up.

Ayurvedic Products

Ayurveda and Yoga are two jewels of Indian culture. If you are here, why not carry some Ayurvedic products with you.

Indian Sweets

Indian sweets or mithais are unique and mouth-watering. There are several dry sweets that you can easily take. Kaju Katli is our all time favourite. Head to a Haldiram’s or Bikanervala outlet near you and pack some delicious mithais. Else ask anyone and they would be able to guide you to the closest ‘mithai shop’ near you.

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