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Are you tired of cursing It’s time to cut Indian Railways some slack and switch to your tablets and smartphones for everything on Indian Railways. There are quite a few apps which help you with all information of Indian Railways, but not all of them are as comfortable to use as ‘Indian Rail Enquiry’.

irctc mobile app

Find and reserve seats quickly!
One of the best options in this app is the ability to check availability of seats and make reservations. Use this app to see if seats are available and check how much they cost. You can also use this app to make reservations. The ‘Book Tickets by IRCTC’ gives us the option of using either the mobile compatible beta version or the desktop site. The Mobile Compatible version is definitely better since the other option is as slow as using on your laptop. If you have no aversion to mobile or net banking, this app is the answer to all your prayers when it comes to Indian Railways. Even if you do, the app makes life much simpler because you don’t have to attempt logging in at (and failing every time!) for the smallest bits of information.

Auto-update your PNR status
Amongst many other things, this app enables you to not only check your PNR status whenever you want, it also has a PNR Status Notifier which notifies the user of the status of reservation at regular time intervals.

pnr status on mobile

Keep track of trains
You can also see the list of trains running between two stations, their departure and arrival time, running status, etc.

The Android app can be found at Google Play store here.

It is time to go mobile for Indian Railways, to enjoy the smaller joys of life! Happy Journey!

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