Lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, Mumbai

Hunger pangs and a large number of recommendations took us to the California Pizza Kitchen outlet at Infiniti Mall in Malad. We came back with mixed feelings about the place.

We were greeted by a pretty ambience which could have been good for a date as well an evening out with friends or family. The menu seemed extensive with a good number of food as well as beverage options. We saw some servers carrying sandwiches (which looked yummy!) and we were torn between ordering sandwiches or pizza. But since the place is predominantly a pizza place, we decided to first try a pizza instead.

Here’s what we ordered:

Pizza: 9“ Californian Club Pizza
Beverage: Summer Freeze

cpk malad

Tasty, but short sip

They served us the summer freeze which was very promising. Our hopes and expectations for the pizza shot right up the roof with this awesome citrus drink. However, the place quickly lost its spell on us. The straw we were provided with the drink wasn’t long enough for the tall glass that it came in. And to add to our irritation it kept falling inside the drink again and again. Even a local juice centre will not make such a silly mistake. Having said that, the taste of Summer Freeze was good enough to keep our hopes alive.

The non-vegetarian lettuce pizza:

But they weren’t meant to last long. A few minutes later, when we were served the pizza, the hopes came crashing down. What’s supposed to be their signature pizza was far from yummy. Unlike the description, there were hardly any ‘generous amounts of smoked bacon and shredded cheese’ and there was no ‘pile of Mozzarella cheese’. The only taste that dominated was that of cold lettuce tossed in mayo, and in bits, of guacamole. The 9” pizza was sufficient for two of us, but with the taste (or lack of it), it hardly mattered. The server came to ask for feedback. When we told him what we felt, he brought along the manager, who only defended and made us feel like we made a mistake by not knowing how the pizza would taste. According to him, every Hot & Cold Pizza tastes of only lettuce. Thank you, sir!

They love kids. Almost!

We appreciated the outlet’s concern for kids. When a couple with a young baby occupied the neighbouring table, the server got a baby chair and a colouring book with crayons to keep the baby occupied. But unfortunately, the chair was extremely dirty and hardly comfortable. They cleaned the chair themselves (no one came forward to even help them).

Since we have heard great reviews about the BKC and Lower Parel outlets of California Pizza Kitchen, we are not judging them by our experience of this outlet. Yes, we will visit them again, but not in Malad. This place is not the one for us, ever again. If you happen to visit the Malad outlet, do tell us what you feel.

We wish you a Happy culinary Journey!

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