Mumbai vs Monsoons

crowded mumbai local train station
Daily commuters at Borivali Station, waiting to catch a local train to work. Photo Credit: Smita
Visiting Mumbai in monsoons could easily be the worst decision you’ll ever take in your life as a traveler. It just takes a few hours of rainfall to get this city on its knees. Potholes, the only thing seen more than the pigeons in Mumbai, disappear beneath the water and miraculously re-appear as back pain in your body.

Mega traffic blocks on highways, roads and streets pop-up even before the first rain drops land on Mumbai’s soil. Trains, as you can see, are a nightmare to catch, especially during peak hours. Most of the rainy days observe massive train delays across the city. Flights and intercity passenger trains are also not spared.

Please don’t get me wrong. I love Mumbai and I love rains. But if you are planning to visit Mumbai as a tourist, I don’t want you to go back disappointed. Happy Journey 🙂

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