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Shining signboards, polite salesmen, well done interiors and almost-perfect experience. Yes, malls are everywhere. But don’t you find the mall experience monotonous and boring? Do you still feel like going there every weekend? What about that old world shopping charm? What about shops that say ‘Fixed Price’ and you are a fool if you don’t bargain? Salesmen who flatter you nonstop? Running with several bags from street to street? Every shopkeeper calling you to check their unique products? It’s so much more fun. Isn’t it? As a woman, I enjoy this shopping far more than boring mall shopping.

One such place for all kinds of women clothing in Mumbai is Gandhi Market, Near King’s Circle Local Train Station, Sion (Map and Directions). Traditional punjabi and muslim suits, sarees, night-suits, fake jewelry, stoles etc etc. Gandhi market, that calls itself the biggest such market in Asia not only offers an old-world market charm but also a crazy variety to choose from at some really good prices.

Check out some pictures from my visit on a saturday evening to Gandhi market.

Small and crowded streets, bright colors and an old world market charm make Gandhi Market so interesting.

To be hanged till sold. In every street of Gandhi Market, you will find sarees, suits, nighties, tops etc hanging. No space has been spared.

Variety is the spics of a woman’s wardrobe. And there is no dearth of pretty designs here.

It’s not just fancy party wear or heavy wedding designs that you find here. Regular wear is also available in abundance.

Attending a wedding? This is a great place to shop for that.

Gyani’s shop, right at the entrance, is the most honest and quality stuff shop we found in the entire Gandhi Market.

Some really fancy sarees at dirt-cheap prices are to be found here. Of course you have to search and bargain.

A kind of stole, known as chunni or dupatta is worn with suits. Almost every color you can think of is available here.

Suits for daily-to-office use.

BTW, if you are planning to visit Gandhi Market, remember it’s closed on Mondays.