You can’t talk about Pune without the mention of the famous Osho Ashram. Known for its beautiful landscapes, unusual activities, and stores selling the Osho chappals and gowns, it’s a highly visited tourist spot in Pune. Away from the famous night life of Pune, if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and find some peace and quiet to connect with yourself, then this is the place to be.

2008 01 Osho Park, Pune, India

You can find many members at the Ashram who live there for long durations, but visitors can also take a look around and attend a few courses with a single day pass. The number of amenities available inside the ashram will not cease to amaze you. Try connecting with your spiritual self at the meditation centre or relax at the pool and Jacuzzi, treat yourself to luxury at the spa or lie back and put your feet up at the boutique guesthouse; there is something for everyone here. The Osho Ashram has effectively redefined spirituality and ushered in an age of luxury meditation. You will need to see it to believe it though.

The Ashram is open to visitors from 6 am to midnight and can be easily reached through public transport or even private vehicles. To enter the Ashram, visitors need to pay an initial registration fee of Rs. 1400. This includes the basic entry forms and an on-the-spot HIV test. During the registration it is mandatory to show your passport for verification.

Once the formalities have been completed, it is necessary to purchase standard robes worn by all devotees before attending the morning welcome meditation session. All visitors need one white and one maroon robe which are available for Rs. 750 and Rs. 500 respectively. There are similar requirements for using the swimming pool or gym where visitors are required to garb appropriate clothing. Upon receiving entry, one has to purchase a meditation pass which is priced at Rs. 750 for Indian nationals and Rs. 1500 for foreigners.

To use any of the other amenities such as the spa which includes access to sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, tennis courts etc, visitors need to further pay a fee of Rs. 300 approximately.

The commune offers a multitude of meditation courses that can be attended through the day till 6pm, and then visitors can enjoy the happening nightlife inside the Ashram. With quite an eager audience, the Ashram hosts regular parties, movie screenings, theatre programs and plenty of other creative activities.

Short term tours which were once available are now prohibited and visitors need to purchase a full day pass and participate like any other member. But if you want to experience the amazing spiritual opulence without committing to it for a lifetime, it seems like quite a fantastic deal doesn’t it?

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