Planing a Romantic Trip

Romantic couple in a pool
Walking under the moonlit sky, holding each other’s hand. Sharing a bowl of soup you can’t even pronounce the name of. Or spending hours in a bath tub, talking about random things. A vacation with the most special person in your life, is always special. Here are some tips to help you plan romantic trips. If you would like to add to this list, kindly share as comment.

Short trips go a long way.
Why wait for the annual vacation or year-end holidays. Frequent short trips are fun and don’t cost a wedding budget. Plan as many mini-vacations and weekend getaways as you can.

Love is omnipresent.
A romantic trip doesn’t have to be on a cruise or an expensive beach resort. Anything that gives you a chance to do things together can be romantic. Go rafting. Rent a houseboat. Take a hot air balloon ride. Spend the weekend in a local hotel. Dance the whole night under the stars in a jungle. The choice is yours.

Get together even before you leave.
Plan together. It’s fun. Make a shared Google Doc or maintain a diary with interesting places you hear from friends or read on the net. Research about spots to see, good food joints, local specialities etc. It is also fun to see photographs of your destination on the Internet and decide photo-spots for your pictures.

Keep a surprise ready
Add some more magic to your romantic trip. Get him or her a gift before you leave. Imagine the happiness on your partner’s face while opening a surprise gift on a hot air balloon or during camel safari in a desert.

Repeating is boring.
Try a new hotel, hill station, camp or mode of transport. Forget those loyalty points. A new place every time is much more rewarding.

Avoid shady places.
You never know where a spy camera could be. Plus the last thing you want is to spoil your romantic trip arguing with hotel staff or sleep in a room with faulty air-conditioning.

Use technology and don’t use technology.
Share location on Google latitude. Will save you some nervous moments. But keep laptops at home. And use camera only for special pictures. It’s your private holiday. Not a Facebook photo-shoot. I love photography but a romantic trip is to spend time with your partner and not composing shots and adjusting angles.

Happy <3 Journey 🙂

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