Premium Radio Taxi Service in Mumbai

TABcab Mumbai gets more luxurious with TABcab  Gold TABcab Mumbai gets more luxurious with TABcab Gold

Driving around Mumbai in Toyota Etios with a small TV was already an experience luxurious enough for most of us. Especially with fares similar to most of the radio taxis in Mumbai. However, TABcab isn’t stopping there. There new TABcab Gold service takes luxury a few steps ahead. Available for just Rs.3 per km extra, it offers a lot more to pamper you and possibly take out some pain from Mumbai’s traffic.

TABcab Gold Features

  • Maruti SX4 Cabs
  • 10 inch 3G tablets for entertainment
  • Magazines & Pillows
  • Tissue Dispensers
  • Car fragrances

Price difference: TABcab vs TABcab Gold

Day Fare (5:00am to 11:59pm)
First km: TABcab Rs.27 Gold Rs.30
After 1st km: TABcab Rs.20 Gold Rs.23 per km
Waiting: Rs.2 per minute for both

Night Fare (00:00am to 04:59am)
First km: TABcab Rs.33.75 Gold Rs.37.50
After 1st km: TABcab Rs.25 Gold Rs.28.75 per km
Waiting: Rs.2.5 per minute for both

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