There is nothing better than having a beach vacation in one of the most happening places of India, “Goa”! Goa is full of surprises, thrilling adventures and refreshing atmosphere to provide you warm and sunny escape from your daily routine. It is one of those locations which give you positive vibes and as you lay your eyes on the sparkling sea while feeling the ocean breeze, you just think to yourself “why has it taken me this long to get here?

Just like not all the contents of the package are impressive, similarly there are few areas in Goa which are not safe and if you are planning to visit then you must keep these in mind while planning your itinerary. Tourists have shared their valuable insights on places in Goa and hence we have brought this post as safety while travelling is top of mind.

North Goa has most number of popular beaches and is crowded. So if you like to be around large crowds then North Goa is the area which you should prefer. South Goa beaches like Palolem & Agonda are comparatively quiet and might be good for those who want to spend alone time but you need to be in group. South Goa beaches are not something where you can plan solo trips! Also, none of the areas are immune to pick pocketing especially North Goa so you have to be cautious about that.

North Goa also is popular for nightlife, variety of food and drinks and some of the old eye catchy sculptures like churches, forts and temples. Also, the variety of options for hotels in North Goa is way more than in South Goa. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that South Goa is “no go” but it definitely means that “take caution”. Goa is interesting place and lot of people love to travel solo to this place. There are plenty of people who travel alone and don’t face any problems in South or North Goa as Goa is quite hospitable place. But this doesn’t discount the incidents which have happened there and thus it is said that prevention is always better than cure!

So if you are planning a trip to Goa, make sure you have read reviews before booking hotels and planned your itinerary accordingly. It is important to respect local laws and always be on your guard. That being said, Goa is the ultimate beach getaway and it will awe you with its lush green landscape and beach setting.

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