From past few years, a number of attacks on tourists in India have developed a feeling of fear in travellers; especially women. The fear is equal in the mind of local and foreign women, but the great news is that the government has now taken some serious steps against safety issues in the capital city. The tourism is again attractive for travellers from different corners of world and people are enjoying a safe stay in the city. If you are also planning a visit to Delhi with your friends and family; it is good to follow few safety tips to enjoy the trouble-free experience.

Do’s and Don’ts for Tourists in Delhi

• Ask your guesthouse or hotel service provide for taxi arrangement to visit different locations in the city; especially if you want to move at by evening or after dark. When you reach the airport, it is better to hire a pre-paid taxi from airport counters as they are safe as compared to local transportation facilities. Also, ask them to drop you at the particular destination without letting them feel that you are new in the city.

• Clothes is generally not a problem in India. In most metros and big cities, You can wear anything and at most you will get some looks. However, Delhi is a different story. Avoid wearing revealing, skimpy clothes like strappy tops, see-through skirts or shorts; they invite unwanted attention from the wrong kind of people. It is not good to be too friendly with any stranger on your way; show limited interest in communication or small talk. Even if some people are staring at you; stay calm and take your path giving a signal that you are not interested in them.

• If you are using Metro, ladies are advised to choose woman compartment if they are traveling without a man. Be specific about your stations and know your way back to the hotel.

• Be careful about your whereabouts. Keep someone on emergency contact always and make sure you share all your details with them so that they can track you from time to time. Share details about taxi numbers and streets that you are visiting.

• Do not carry too much money in your purse or pocket and there is no point in showing off your jewellery. There are lots of pick-pocketers in the city, and they can be around, especially if they know you have lots to serve them. It is better to use ATM whenever you need money; moreover, most payments can be made directly from the card.

• Don’t agree to pose pictures with strangers and don’t show your warm smile to any of them. Be careful and cautious about your own life.

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