Get food delivered to your berth at Bhopal Railway Station

Train journeys are set to become a little more interesting for foodies. Taking cue from home delivery services, several restaurants at Bhopal railway station have started delivering hot food to passengers in the train, right on their berth. All you need to do is call them at least 45-90 minutes before your train reaches Bhopal […]

Lunch Buffet Near Mumbai Airport

Thanks to a plethora of connecting flights from Mumbai, we often end up waiting for 2 to 3 hours at the airport. However, this time I decided to venture out and treat myself to a nice lunch near the domestic airport, instead of those boring (and expensive) cafes inside the terminal. On Google Local’s recommendation, […]

Authentic Pan-Asian Buffet at Colaba, Mumbai

What makes Asian food stand out from the rest of the world is the perfect use of spices. In regular Indian restaurants it might be overdone, but pan-asian restaurants generally manage to get it right. However, there is a difference between regular asian food and cooked to perfection, authentic pan-asian food. Busaba at Colaba is […]

Malgudi: South Indian Food in North Mumbai

There’s a lot more to South Indian food than Idli, Dosa, Butter Dosa, Garlic Dosa and Cheese Dosa. Unfortunately, most of the local South Indian joints don’t get it. No wonder I was excited to see an interesting south-indian menu at this outlet called ‘Malgudi – Simply South’ in the food court of Oberoi Mall, […]

AP vs MAP vs CP vs EP: Demystifying Hotel Plans

AP. MAP. CP. EP… You will see these terms floating everywhere when you try booking a hotel or are scrolling through any hotel’s brochure or website. But what are these terms supposed to mean? Well, they are nothing but meal plans. Here is what they generally mean: AP or American Plan American Plan or AP […]