A legendary shack on Baga Beach, Goa

Needless to say, Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in our country. As time goes by, the places, restaurants and bars in Goa also have achieved a celebrity status. Your Goa trip is absolutely incomplete if you haven’t been to Britto’s. Britto’s is a restaurant/ shack right on Baga Beach, in Calingute, […]

Where to have traditional Indian food in Pune?

Pune as a city is very rooted to its culture. With a part of the city which is more or less free from cosmopolitan influences, Pune’s culture and traditions have been very well maintained. A few restaurants form an integral part of this ethos. Worshipped by their customers, any Punekar will swear by these. Krishna […]

5 Totally Puneri Things You Can’t Miss

Every city has something which it is renowned for. Pune is well known for some typical Puneri places, without which the Pune experience would be incomplete. Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale The Chitale’s started out as a dairy farm way back in 1939. Today Chitale Bandhu (Bros) is present all over Pune, with its main outlet close […]

Starbucks Card comes to India

If you have been to any Starbucks in India lately, you would have noticed these shiny cards on their counters. Yes, Starbucks cards are now available in India. Although they are a little different (and limited) from their American counterpart. However, they have just launched so we hope they will catch up soon. Why Starbucks […]

Lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, Mumbai

Hunger pangs and a large number of recommendations took us to the California Pizza Kitchen outlet at Infiniti Mall in Malad. We came back with mixed feelings about the place. We were greeted by a pretty ambience which could have been good for a date as well an evening out with friends or family. The […]