How to choose a hotel in Lakshadweep?

Off the coast of Kerala, lies the beautiful region of Lakshadweep comprising of 36 white-sand islands open to the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. Home to hundreds of tourists each year, this is a very popular destination for Indian as well as foreign travellers. But when travelling, the first thing people often wonder about […]

Best Neighbourhoods For Tourists To Stay In Pune

Pune, known as the oxford of the east, is a cultural, educational, spiritual and social hub. With a vast horde of attractions and places to see, there are plenty of tourists who visit the city each year. But as always, when you travel to some place new, the first question you need to address is […]

Good Hotels Near Express Towers, Mumbai

It’s always good to stay close to your place of work/meetings etc in Mumbai, the city of traffic jams. Here are some lovely hotels that are within the walkable distance from Express Towers at Nariman Point in Mumbai. 1. Intercontinental Mumbai If you are fond of small boutique hotels, you will love Intercontinental Mumbai. Along […]

Gadgets to carry when traveling to India

Though it’s always better to travel light, some gadgets are worth the weight while traveling abroad. Here are some gadgets that should come handy when you are traveling to India. Portable Wifi or Mifi It’s very rare to find free wifi hotspots in India as of now. And thanks to bad 3G networks, data on […]

A legendary shack on Baga Beach, Goa

Needless to say, Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in our country. As time goes by, the places, restaurants and bars in Goa also have achieved a celebrity status. Your Goa trip is absolutely incomplete if you haven’t been to Britto’s. Britto’s is a restaurant/ shack right on Baga Beach, in Calingute, […]

Planing a Romantic Trip

Walking under the moonlit sky, holding each other’s hand. Sharing a bowl of soup you can’t even pronounce the name of. Or spending hours in a bath tub, talking about random things. A vacation with the most special person in your life, is always special. Here are some tips to help you plan romantic trips. […]