Using ‘Credit Card Hold’ for booking a hotel

“Credit card holds accepted.” Almost every hotel website displays this under their price and reservation section. But what does that exactly means? Read on… What is a credit card hold? Booking a room using debit or credit card hold simply means that you provide your card details to the hotel and they reserve a room […]

Women Suits and Sarees Shopping in Mumbai

Shining signboards, polite salesmen, well done interiors and almost-perfect experience. Yes, malls are everywhere. But don’t you find the mall experience monotonous and boring? Do you still feel like going there every weekend? What about that old world shopping charm? What about shops that say ‘Fixed Price’ and you are a fool if you don’t […]

Getting ready for Bird Watching

Bird watching will any day beat all other spectator sports in the world. More people are probably watching birds right now than football and hockey combined. And why not. You can see those goals and players anytime you want, but that beautiful bird with pastel colored wings is not to be seen every day. The […]

Happy Secrets: Get discounts and free upgrades when you travel

Holidays are fun. But a loaded-with-freebies holiday is even better. Here are some secrets to get the most out of your limited holiday budget. Point taken. Points, points, points and points. Every holiday earns you a crazy amount of points/miles. In fact an international vacation can earn you enough points for a free domestic holiday. […]

Hotel Loyalty Program for India

Unlike some lucky people, most of us don’t travel every month. For the majority of Indians, traveling means family vacation, once or max twice a year. No wonder, all those fancy hotel loyalty cards fetch us nothing. I spoke to at least 15 people to figure out how many free nights they have enjoyed till […]

Spa @ Ahmedabad Airport

Flight delays can be rejuvenating. Especially if you are at the Ahmedabad Domestic Airport.  You can make some good use of your extra time here by getting yourself a rejuvenating massage. O2 Spa on the 1st floor of Ahmedabad’s Domestic Departure offers some interesting massages ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Apart from massages, […]

Wifi in your hotel room could be spying on you

It’s your best friend’s birthday but you are enjoying the best holiday of your life, few thousand miles away. Good News:Your laptop is connected to the free wifi available in your hotel room and you just ordered a beautiful gift. Bad News: Some hacker is probably using your credit card details to buy some gifts […]

AP vs MAP vs CP vs EP: Demystifying Hotel Plans

AP. MAP. CP. EP… You will see these terms floating everywhere when you try booking a hotel or are scrolling through any hotel’s brochure or website. But what are these terms supposed to mean? Well, they are nothing but meal plans. Here is what they generally mean: AP or American Plan American Plan or AP […]