An untouched beach paradise near Mumbai

Along the coast of Konkan lies a virgin beach called Diveagar. Famous for the Ganpati temple at the heart of the village, Diveagar is perfect for a getaway to the beach. It has none of the glamour and fun which Goa promises, but as a quaint little village it has its own charm. About 170 […]

Jadhavgadh: Pune’s weekend getaway

Jadhavgadh literally means “The Jadhav Fort”. Built in the village called Jadhavwadi, Jadhavgadh is an ideal weekend getaway for the Pune residents looking for some fresh air and change of scene. The Jadhavgadh Resort’s best attraction is that it’s hotel with a rustic feel, and 5 Star Comfort. Named after one of Chhatrapati Shahuji’s most […]

Planing a Romantic Trip

Walking under the moonlit sky, holding each other’s hand. Sharing a bowl of soup you can’t even pronounce the name of. Or spending hours in a bath tub, talking about random things. A vacation with the most special person in your life, is always special. Here are some tips to help you plan romantic trips. […]

Premium Radio Taxi Service in Mumbai

TABcab Mumbai gets more luxurious with TABcab Gold Driving around Mumbai in Toyota Etios with a small TV was already an experience luxurious enough for most of us. Especially with fares similar to most of the radio taxis in Mumbai. However, TABcab isn’t stopping there. There new TABcab Gold service takes luxury a few steps […]

Luxury Cabs in Mumbai @ Rs.17 per km

In a city like Mumbai where you spend more time staring at vehicles in traffic jams than in meetings, it seems like an interesting idea to have in-cab entertainment. A new radio taxi service in Mumbai seems to have got it all right. Tab Cab offers an in-cab entertainment system that reminds you of Kingfisher’s […]