Dia de Asturias is when you should be in Malaga

Dia de Asturias or The day of Asturias is celebrated to mark the birth of Mary, the mother of Jesus. It's celebrated on September 8th every year. Though it is celebrated in almost every city in the area, the celebrations in Malaga are just so special. People in traditional dresses walking through the streets, following [...]

Unique and Romantic Places to Celebrate Your Anniversary in India

Times are changing. A few years back, a romantic dinner and a diamond ring would have been enough to celebrate your Anniversary. But those days are long gone. Traveling is now the most sought after wedding anniversary gift. Probably the sparkle of diamonds is being outshined by the glow of likes and hearts on beautiful [...]

Best Credit Cards in India for International Shopping

You know who else loves International Travel as much as you do? Your credit card issuing bank. Apart from the regular fee they earn from merchants, you are also charged a pretty hefty forex fee, plus GST of course. However, it's not all bad out there. If you know where to look. There are some [...]

7 Types of Rooms in a 5 Star Hotel

Almost every hotel brand follows their own unique terminology for rooms categorisation. And with so many international hotel chains with multiple hotel brands, it gets even more complicated. However types of rooms in most hotels, especially 5 star hotels can be categorised amongst the following. 1. Base Level Rooms Often described as: Deluxe Room or [...]

Holiday Inn Priority Club: Reservations

If you are a Holiday Inn Priority Club Elite member and would like to make a reservation, there are a couple of options available. Best rates are generally available on their reservation site. Update: Holiday Inn Loyalty Program has been now renamed to IHG Rewards Club from Priority Club. Elite tiers, qualification requirements and benefits [...]

List of all Accor Hotels in India

From a super tight budget stay to a fancy and luxurious one, Accor Hotels is a chain you can't ignore when researching where to stay. Here is the list of all Accor hotels in India to help you plan your trip. Tip: If you are considering more than a few nights at Accor Hotels, purchasing [...]

Comparison of Per Plate Cost at a Wedding in Amritsar

Whether you are a local or planning a destination wedding, Amritsar is a great city to get married in. Even though it's not as expensive as say a Udaipur or a Goa, Amritsar isn't that cheap too. Especially because you can expect a lot more people to turn up for the great Punjabi bash. To [...]