Spotting Tigers at Bandhavgarh, India

Named after the ancient fort of Bandhavgarh, this National Park is most famous as a destination for its tiger sightings. Located in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh National Park is spread over an area of more than 100 sq.kms. The celebrity tigers of Bandhavgarh have been photographed, filmed and spoken about all over […]

An untouched beach paradise near Mumbai

Along the coast of Konkan lies a virgin beach called Diveagar. Famous for the Ganpati temple at the heart of the village, Diveagar is perfect for a getaway to the beach. It has none of the glamour and fun which Goa promises, but as a quaint little village it has its own charm. About 170 […]

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai

From 2nd February to the 10th of February this year, Mumbai comes together to celebrate the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. The first edition of the festival took place in 1999, and since then “Kala Ghoda” has achieved a cult following among the connoisseurs (and non- connoisseurs) of the various forms of art it showcases. Kala […]

Jadhavgadh: Pune’s weekend getaway

Jadhavgadh literally means “The Jadhav Fort”. Built in the village called Jadhavwadi, Jadhavgadh is an ideal weekend getaway for the Pune residents looking for some fresh air and change of scene. The Jadhavgadh Resort’s best attraction is that it’s hotel with a rustic feel, and 5 Star Comfort. Named after one of Chhatrapati Shahuji’s most […]

Pune Clubs: A Guide to Nightlife in Pune

Pune clubs or pubs in Pune were almost non-existent till a few years back. Back then Pune was known as a quiet city for the retired. As time went by and the IT Revolution took place- it revolutionized Pune as well. Specially, Pune’s night life. Pune now provides a variety of options for an ideal […]

Golden Temple in Pictures

Our recent trip to Amritsar was full of interesting discoveries. From colorful punjabi suits to spicy aloo-kulcha, always-happy people to no-nonsense traffic cops, Amritsar is indeed a very interesting place. However, the ultimate peace, serenity and spiritual aura of the Golden Temple is simply amazing. Have a look at some of the pictures. PS: Some […]

Wifi in your hotel room could be spying on you

It’s your best friend’s birthday but you are enjoying the best holiday of your life, few thousand miles away. Good News:Your laptop is connected to the free wifi available in your hotel room and you just ordered a beautiful gift. Bad News: Some hacker is probably using your credit card details to buy some gifts […]

Are you a Responsible Tourist?

Holidays are magical! New places, new people, different cultures, lots of pictures, shopping, recreation, relaxation and so much more. No wonder we always come back from a holiday with big stuffed bags and an even bigger bag of wonderful memories. But what do we leave behind? Smiles or fears? Memories of nightmares? You might be […]

Benefits of Travel Insurance

We always look forward to our holidays. Planning, shopping and preparations often begin long before the journey. Hence it becomes important to ensure that everything is planned well so that we don’t end up with a spoiled holiday. And for things that are beyond our control, there is travel insurance. One of the most popular […]